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Bozcaada 14 Best Aourist Attraction

Bozcaada Best Aourist Attraction

Bozcaada Best Aourist Attraction

1-Polente Feneri in Bozcaada


You shouldn’t return without visiting Polente Feneri in Bozcaada. You should take something to sit on it. We generally motivate something to eat and wine with us. visit of Bozcaada attraction is the best thing to do in this holiday. Polente Feneri in Bozcaada certainly suggest it (in the event that you appreciate nature).


2-Akvaryum Koyu in Bozcaada


Akvaryum Koyu in Bozcaada is clear. Neighborhood individuals called this place: aquarium shoreline. You can see the fishes when swimming in this amazing ocean. It merits going for snorkeling and see the fishes. In summer the climate is exceptionally hot yet the water is extremely cold.

Bozcaada Best Aourist Attraction

3-Bozcaada Kalesi


On Bozcaada attractions map, Bozcaada Castle is a palace in the Turkish island of Bozcaada (known as Tenedos before the fifteenth century).The mansion is in the upper east of the island, only north of the Bozcaada town at 39°50′N 26°04′E in Çanakkale Province. Guests to the château utilize the ship line from Geyikli in the terrain (Anatolia) to the island. The palace is inside strolling separation from the ship terminal.


4-Talay Sarapcilik in Bozcaada


A top tourist attraction in Bozcaada is Talay Sarapcilik. Although a great deal of their wine the wines of the draft a woman running the Talay facilitated visitors coming to ‘ let the last ship to City Hall hours 17:00 you in and state, gitsin’ shock me. Booths have diverse items that intrigue to each sense of taste. As of late, tasting to be done when you purchase since you can’t taste taboo yet will give you a thought of notices.

Bozcaada Best Aourist Attraction


5-Beylik Koyu in Bozcaada


A major tourist attraction in Bozcaada is Beylik Koyu in Bozcaada. Clear water with loads of fish to see while snorkeling!! Astonishing deserted ship to see and even trip. There is nothing. So make sure to take your very own umbrella, seats, nourishment and beverages. It is a heaven for four seasons. Aside from being jammed in summer and occasions, it is an island that ought to be chatted with its wonderful sounds, all normal excellence and flavors. Grape and wine creation has a vital place. The Greek and Turkish neighborhoods in the middle are very delightful.


6-Meryem Ana Kilisesi in Bozcaada


Meryem Ana Kilisesi is one of amazing places to visit in Bozcaada. There are a ton of excellent spots will without a doubt should be seen were visited, including general society intrigue additionally for calm individuals wherever is considered in a remote choice ship hours, definitely should state. It tends to be seen just all things considered. But he wasn’t opened Sunday. For those who is pondering within to envision just a single activity.

Bozcaada Best Aourist Attraction


7-Bozcaada Castle Fortress


A type of tourist attractions among the best kept palaces in Istanbul is Bozcaada Castle Fortress. Its history is returning far to the Troians. Students of history gauges its history begins in 3000 B.C. Subsequent to vanquishing by the Ottomans the extraordinary victor Sultan Mehmet renovated the château for the utilization of a seeing against ennemie assaults.


8-Atolye Kargabak in Bozcaada


On the lap of the Asian Sea in Bozcaada; tolerable, minor and curious island Bozcaada. Atolye Kargabak is the hottest and most enchanting workshop on the island. This is the first work of Uğur and Eda Kayahan couple for a long time. Pumpkins are hand-created and hand-crafted. Atelier Kargabak has numerous handcrafted structures, from pumpkin-molded lampshades to pots. The most lovely one; plans are made one by one, and it takes two entire days, so it is basic to discover coordinated.

Bozcaada Best Aourist Attraction


9-Poyraz Liman in Bozcaada


The occupants of the island we discussed adına We trust that the indigenous habitat will be wrecked in Poyraz Liman Bay which is a standout amongst the most peaceful, calm corners of Bozcaada and a tourist attractions. This bir Treatment Plant Koyu is really a structure where sewage and sewage smell, waste will fill Poyraz Liman Bay, we feel everything together. Wellbeing is one of the primary purposes behind not needing this office in our area. This office, situated in an area near the ocean, was thought to dispose of the losses by releasing them into the ocean. This perfect and calm sound, which is the general population of the island want to swim in.


10-Ayazma Plajı in Bozcaada


Ayazma Plajı in Bozcaada is the most well known shoreline site in the island. There are a few offices around, in other shoreline site, there is no office. On the off chance that you don’t have your own shoreline umbrella and sun bed, collapsing seat, and so forth you can lease at the beach. The ocean and the sand are unimaginable at Ayazma shoreline. Clean… a standout amongst the most delightful shoreline I have ever observed.

Bozcaada Best Aourist Attraction


11-Behramkale in Bozcaada


Behramkale in Bozcaada where there is stones, you stroll in the mysterious Assos as though you were strolling through the ages in amazing tourist attraction place. The roads are the equivalent, the houses are the equivalent, as though the goddess Athena is as yet viewing from the best. It’s energizing to see the segments of the antiquated harbor when the anglers in the port clear their nets.


12-Troy (Truva) in Bozcaada


One of place to see in Bozcaada is visit old Troy, effectively done in multi day from Çanakkale, Bozcaadaor Assos, or medium-term from Istanbul, via vehicle or visit. Troy is noteworthy for its extraordinary age (the most established vestiges date from 3000 BC) and delightful circumstance. The hokey wooden steed is only for no particular reason (particularly for kids). For the majority of the most recent 3000 years, individuals accepted that Homer’s Iliad was fiction, and that Troy never existed.

Bozcaada Best Aourist Attraction


13-Athena Temple in Bozcaada


Athena Temple in Bozcaada is other types of tourist attraction. Well worth the gentle walk up from the carpark, and walkable from Emporios. If interested in archaeology, visit also the Arch. Museum in Chios which has a special exhibition based on recent digs at Emporios Bay.


14- Camlibag Saraplari in Bozcaada


On Bozcaada attractions map, Camlibag Saraplari is situated in Bozcaada. Bozcaada is paradise! Particularly for an individual who is keen on wine and nourishment. Particularly, if you find an opportunity to meet Hasim Yunatci the proprietor of camlibag know that it makes a good memory for you. It is much suggested.

Bozcaada Best Aourist Attraction


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