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Izmir 24 Tourist Attraction

Izmir tourist attraction

Izmir tourist attraction

1- Key Museum in Izmir


Key Museum in Izmir is a fantastic private collection of motor vehicles spanning over 100 years. There are cars, motor bikes, models with a very reasonably priced. Also it can be awkward location to reach without a car. One of the best car museums I’ve seen.  It is very well layed out. Has a small cafe inside. Here is one of Izmir tourist attractions for a perfect Turkish holiday.

Izmir tourist attraction


2- Arkas Art Center in Izmir



An amazing place to visit in Izmir is Arkas Art Center, possessing a great looking 1906 building that worked as the French department until 2010, these expressions focus has brief shows with an Aegean pronunciation in its carefully remodeled and wonderfully designed upstairs salons. Free English-dialect guided voyages through the building and presentations are accessible on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and Saturday; advance appointments are fundamental.


3- Kordonboyu in Izmir


Indeed, even referenced in melodies, Kordon, is an attraction place in Izmir where everybody takes an extraordinary satisfaction. Kordonboyu, where Izmir meets with the ocean, where you can watch the nightfall or set down on the grass amid summer and spring is among the images of Izmir. The grass zone beginning from the Gündoğdu Square at Kordon is a gathering point where the adolescent meets up, sings and mingle while drinking something.

Izmir tourist attraction


4- Izmir Wild Life Park


Izmir Wild Life Park opened in 2008; the Natural Life Park encapsulates the zoo of the city. The biggest common life park in Europe, Izmir Natural Life Park, is one of the renowned undertakings of Izmir. On account of the extraordinary courses of action made in the region, the important conditions are accommodated the solace of the creatures. The Natural Life Park has been expanding the quantity of species and assortments with 1048 creatures in 128 species.

Izmir tourist attraction


5- Alsancak in Izmir


Alsancak railroad station is one of the two principle rail route terminals in Izmir and a top Izmir tourist attraction which is the second-most seasoned railroad station in Turkey, after Kemer, being finished in 1858. The station is the fundamental center point for İZBAN prepares, and is the end for both lines. Izmir was an essential exchange city amid the nineteenth century and still is today. The fundamental business of the territory was farming.


6- Hisar Mosque in Izmir


One of things to do in Izmir for visiting is Hisar Mosque or Hisarönü Mosque, a verifiable Mosque in Izmir, Turkey. It has been recorded to have been built by Aydınoğlu Yakup Bey somewhere in the range of 1592 and 1598. The sixteenth century Mosque is one of the greatest in the downtown area and its inside contains a standout amongst the most striking instances of Ottoman Islamic work of art in Izmir.

Izmir tourist attraction


7- Trajan Fountain in Izmir


Trajan Fountain in Izmir is a most visited tourist attraction in turkey. As a major aspect of Ephesus/Efes complex this is a milestone structure. Endeavor to stop in a corner and simply shut your eyes and think about all the history, the general population who passed by, what a period it was … melodious.


8- MaviBahce Shopping Center in Izmir


MaviBahce Shopping Center in Izmir is such huge numbers of activities other than shopping. It resembles huge garden, numerous eateries, coffeehouses, amazing, simply fabulous. All brands of shops from the extremely shabby to very costly. You require not to go anyplace in the downtown area. There are perky wellsprings, little lakes brimming with gold fish and a wooden extension. When you stroll in you believe you have entered a Walt Disney dream royal residence. You just got the opportunity to go and see it.

Izmir tourist attraction


9- Saat Kulesi Clock Tower in Izmir


A great attraction in Izmir is Clock Tower, a noteworthy time tower situated at the Konak Square in the Konak locale of Izmir, Turkey. The clock tower was structured by the Levantine French modeler Raymond Charles Père and inherent 1901 to celebrate the 25th commemoration of Abdülhamid II’s promotion to the honored position 1876– 1909. The clock itself was a blessing from German Emperor Wilhelm II 1888– 1918. It is enlivened in an intricate Ottoman engineering style.


10- Basilica of St. Jonh in Izmir


Another places to visit in Izmir for tourist is St. John’s Cathedral in Izmir , the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Izmir. The house of prayer is committed to John the Evangelist, who in the Book of Revelation sent welcome and guidelines to the Seven temples of Asia, including Smyrna (Izmir).

Izmir tourist attraction


11- Izmir Agora


On the off chance that you are keen on the History of Turkey, you should visit this place. In spite of the fact that still under the procedure of reconstruction. A great place to stroll around however effortlessly confusable as the signs are rare. Delighted in the history yet would suggest a guide! Izmir Agora must do experiences.


12- Pergamon Acropolis in Izmir


The main settlement in Pergamon, which means stronghold, is Acropolis. A tourist attraction in Izmir and it invites guests to the city with all its magnificence. You can get up to Acropolis with a link vehicle, with a stunning perspective of Pergamon en route. Acropolis is at a stature of 300 meters. The royal residences of the Pergamon lords, the theater, blessed grounds, sanctuaries, the public square, gymnasion, heroon and other Roman Era leftovers can be found on this great pinnacle.


13- Hierapolis-Pamukkale in Izmir


Capitulate to the staggering sight of Hierapolis-Pamukkale in Izmir, a special common ponder with astonishing white petrified lime falls. At the old city of Hierapolis investigate its Theater, a second century AD working in Roman style. You’ll likewise observe the excellent Necropolis, the biggest old burial ground in Anatolia.

Izmir tourist attraction


14- Kemaraltı Market in Izmir


Kemaraltı Market in Izmir is An overly complex bazaar extending from Konak Sq through to the old Agora, Kemeraltı goes back to the seventeenth century and is home to shops, restaurants, craftsmans’ workshops, mosques, cafés, tea greenery enclosures and synagogues. Going through multi day investigating its swarmed and attraction beautiful roads, noteworthy spots of love, shrouded yards and stupendous caravanseries uncovers the genuine Izmir.


15- Village of Şirince in Izmir


One amazing places to visit in Izmir is Village of Şirince, truly old Orthodox town, 12 km far from Ephesus and 30 km from Kusadasi, was once Cirkince (“monstrous”). Without a doubt its habitants gave this name intentionally as they would not like to be irritated by outsiders or to share the excellence of their town.


16- Enjoy a Turkish Feast in Izmir


Eat in Turkey with Turkish Feast in Izmir, there’s no such thing as a snappy chomp. The dishes begin little, with shared plates of olives and dry breads to nibble on. But that is only the warm-up. Before long the table is loaded up with liquefy in-your mouth broiled eggplant, barbecued entire fish, appetizing greens covered in harsh cream, potato and sheep stew, green plates of mixed greens with destroyed cheddar, crisp sweet peppers and radishes, smoked eggplant plunge with smooth softened cheddar… it’s an interminable colorful motorcade.

Izmir tourist attraction


17- Savour Turkish Coffee in Izmir

One of the best things to do in Turkey is Savour Turkish coffee in Izmir, mix sets aside opportunity to stew and soak, so the holdup is loaded up with discussion over little squares of Turkish joy and sensitive bits of dried fruit. Turkish espresso is made by adding espresso beans and water to a little pot and afterward it’s left to stew for a few minutes.


18- Lounge on the Beach in Izmir


Masterminded in a u-shape around a shielded inlet, Izmir has more than a considerable amount of coastline. Extraordinary compared to other free activities in Izmir is to go out for a stroll on the long shoreline promenade, splashing up the daylight. Visit at night for the clamoring coastline bar and eatery scene. Lounge on the Beach in Izmir is more attractive for tourist and local people.

Izmir tourist attraction


19- Go to Surf School in Izmir


For a standout amongst the most daring activities in Izmir, search out the rougher beach front waters at Pırlanta where solid breezes and wild waves hit the shore for no less than a half year of the year, making it a hot goal for surfers from around the globe. In Surf School in Izmir there are a lot of quiet waters close Izmir that make the ideal preparing ground for water sports amateurs. There are more amazing Izmir tourist attractions for a perfect Turkish holiday.


20- Discover Kadifekale Castle in Izmir


A place to visit In Izmir is Kadifekale Castle, the name of the slope situated inside the urban zone of Izmir, Turkey, and additionally being the name of the old stronghold over a similar slope. Both the slope and the mansion were named Pagos Greek: in pre-Turkish occasions and by the neighborhood Greeks in present day times.

Izmir tourist attraction


21- Explore Agora Open Air Museum in Izmir


A list of activities to do in Izmir needs to begin at the antiquated landmark right in the downtown area. Encompassed by slope private neighborhoods, clamoring market roads, and tall business structures, Izmir Agora is only a piece of the ordinary scene for generally inhabitants. Explore Agora Open Air Museum in Izmir with its sight and attraction is really remarkable for everyone.


22- church of st polycarp in Izmir


In Izmir attractions map, church of st polycarp belongs to nineteenth century church is luxuriously embellished and is the most established in the city. It was named after St. Polycarp, the main religious administrator of Smyrna who was singed at the stake. One of the most seasoned standing temples in Izmir, the St Polycarp church still goes about as one the central focuses of the nearby Catholic see.

Izmir tourist attraction


23- Konak Pier in Izmir


Another place to visit in Izmir is The Konak Pier, a dock in the Turkish city. It was structured in 1890 by the celebrated French draftsman and development design Gustave Eiffel, to work as a traditions building. It was assembled near recorded Konak Square and increases the value of the territory even at this point. The building was built with stone workmanship and secured with harsh mortar.


24-Enjoy greenery at Culture Park in Izmir


Enjoy greenery at Culture Park in Izmir, this workmanship focus comprises of a performance center stage, amphitheater, artful dance preparing focus, display corridor and classrooms. There is an open bistro that is open each hour of the day in the verdant garden, where you can discover numerous lavish trees. Izmir must do experiences.

Izmir tourist attraction




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