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Maragheh 10 Tourist Attraction

Maragheh Tourist Attraction

Maragheh Tourist Attraction

1- Temple of Mehr Varjoui

Temple of Mehr Varjoui is a place of supplication going back to a great many years prior and about 12Km a long way from Maragheh Observatory. The underground sanctuary is known as the most seasoned Mithraist sanctuary in Iran. Mithraism is the confidence raised before Zoroastrian in Persia. Mehr or Mithra is the divinity of sun, which brings equity and warmth, and at once had been revered from India to europe. Mithraists trusted Mithra as an edge conceived in a buckle, that is the reason they used to venerate Mehr in any give in they thought the origin was most likely there.


2- Maraghe Observatory


In Maraghe attractions mapm Maragheh observatory was a standardized cosmic observatory which was set up in 1259 CE under the support of the Ilkhanid Hulagu and the directorship of Nasir al-Din al-Tusi, a Persian researcher and space expert.

Maragheh Tourist Attraction


3- Bridge Sarcheshme Village Myrzag

The Bridge Sarcheshme connect is the most seasoned extension on the Zayandeh River in Iran. The establishments go back to the Sasanian time or third to seventh century C.E., yet the best was revamped twice, first in the tenth century by the Buyids, at that point amid the eleventh century amid the Seljuk time frame. All things considered, the compositional style is totally Sassanian.


4- Aghalar Tomb


Aghalar Tomb has been directed by Zel’lal Soltan and in the way he expressed his faith that he was Mir Fatah Mousavi in 2005 in Maragheh. The four sides are four sides and each is 16 m. In 1996, 1381, the hijri year was damaged until the summer of 1381, until the summer of 1381, until the summer of 1381, until the summer of 1381, this attraction destination city had been transformed into a museum. Although the date dates back to the Zandie era, it has become a burial site of Maragheh elders.

Maragheh Tourist Attraction


5- Church of Holy Hevens



6- Museum Ilkhani Maragheh


Ilkhani Museum in Maragheh isan ancient attraction and the principal explicit gallery in Ilkhani Era. Exhibition hall of Maragheh (established in 1364) began its exercises as a particular Ilkhani gallery with the point of focusing on its landmarks as far as significance and job of this city as the main capital of Ilkhan investor.


7- Pigeon Cave


Types of tourist attractions in this city is Hampoeil or Pigeon Cave, immense and feared limestone give in, yet isn’t totally found. This give in is one of the miracles of Sahand mountains district. Close to this surrender there is disclosure of 200 thousand years of Stone Age human possess.  Hampoeil surrender is extremely intriguing one for cavers with wells up to a profundity of 48 meters. They have been 8 lobbies recognized in this give in which some of them are gathering place for water. There are a few livings in this give in, for example, bat that you may see them amid your visit.

Maragheh Tourist Attraction


8- Sufi Chay


Sufi Chay is a waterway in north-west Iran. The waterway ascends at attraction Mount Sahand, in the mountains toward the east of Lake Urmia, and streams south past Alavian and Senshon till it comes to Maragheh city where it turns east and enters Lake Urmia in an expansive delta at Bonab.


9- Maraghe Soap


Maraghe Soap has been a keepsake of Maragheh for over fifty years. The quality purpose of this cleanser is that it is set up with characteristic a material that is the reason this cleanser is as yet good. The cleanser isn’t helpful for showering of washing garments yet additionally as a drug for skin illnesses and hair sparseness.


10- Malarstom wooden mosque


In Maragheh attractions map, Mul’lah Rostam wooden Mosque is located in square of Qods Street in the city of Maragheh. On the edge of the mosque “s facade, the network” s cornices and engineering decorations have been used, and an inscription carved of marble stands by this entrance facade. Mul’lah Rostam wooden Mosque has 35 wooden columns in five rows bearing the wooden roof of the mosque, the columns and the wooden headings of the mosque enjoy beautiful decoration. This mosque has no historical inscription, but it can be traced back to the safavid period, which has been restored and restored in the Qajar period. The Mul’lah Rostam Mosque also is one of the most interesting mosques of Maragheh, and is thought to be one of the most fascinating mosques in the Shah Tahmaseb building, which has 35 beautiful columns.

Maragheh Tourist Attraction




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