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Khorbiabanak 5 tourist Attraction

Khorbiabanak tourist Attraction

Khorbiabanak tourist Attraction

1- Egypt Desert  in Khorbiabanak


One of top 5 Isfahan tourist attractions is Egypt’s desert, found only 60 km north of khor, is situated amidst the Damghan street to Nain and Isfahan. This lovely desert, situated in the core of mesr’s noteworthy town, is a standout amongst the most prevalent decisions for the Deserter, which need to have a fantastic and pleasant voyage and utilize the different visits that have been made for this desert. The entire fervor is sitting tight for you on this voyage, riding a camel and goes dirt road romping around to watch your brilliant stars during the evening.

Khorbiabanak tourist Attraction


2- Salt Lake Khorobibanank


The Salt Lake of Khor is known to be the biggest occasional salt lake on the planet.With its shallow water, this salt lake mirrors the delights around and offers a dreamlike atmosphere.The lake is a leftover of the Paratethys Ocean, which began to dry from the Pleistocene age, leaving Lake Urmia and the Caspian Sea and different waterways. The lake has a surface territory of around 1,800 square kilometers or 690 square miles, however the majority of this is dry.


3- Garmeh Village in Khorbiabanak


A great attraction in isfahan is Garmeh Village, a shocking desert town with dry and warm atmosphere at the focal point of Iran, in Khur o Biabanak town of Isfahan area.This authentic town has been on the course of the old Silk Road and the old thin back streets and the houses and mosques with decent adobe curves and vaults have a ton of stories to tell. One of the most established landmarks of Garmeh is a 4 story stronghold going back to Sassanid period.


4- Narin Castle in Khorbiabanak


The Narin Qal’eh or Narin Castle is types of tourist attractions, a mud-block fortification or château in the town of Meybod, Iran. Structures like these established the administration fortress in a portion of the more established towns of focal Iran. A portion of these manors join mud blocks of the Medes time frame and of the Achaemenid and Sassanid lines.

Khorbiabanak tourist Attraction


5- Jandag Castle in Khorbiabanak


On Isfahan attractions map, Jandagh caravanserai is the little stronghold situated in the focal desert of Iran. The most intriguing goals there are, Namak Lake of khore, Mesr desert with its hills and wellspring of Garme. The old piece of the Jandagh town  comprise of an old stronghold which goes back to Sasanid time, yet some piece of the château still involved by individuals.

Khorbiabanak tourist Attraction



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