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Astara 7 Best Tourist Attraction

Astara Best Tourist Attraction

Astara Best Tourist Attraction

1- Gardaneh Heyran


Gardaneh-ye Heyran is the most attractive pass in Ostan-e Ardabil, Iran (Asia) with the area textual style code of Russia/Central Asia. It is situated at a height of 1,450 meters above ocean level. A Pass is a break in a mountain run or other high check, utilized for transportation from one side to the next

Astara Best Tourist Attraction


2- Steel Lagoon


Estil Lagoon, One of the vacation spots in Astara city. It is situated by the Astara – Rasht Street. This Lagoon is 138 sections of land. Estil Lagoon has been distinguished as one of the best five spots of the travel industry in Gilan in 2005. The benefit of eco – tourism is compounded by the proximity of the road, the diversity of natural landscapes such as mountains, forests, and farmland. Steel Lagoon is a attraction place for tourist which covered with forest green covers and vegetation in the eastern side of which is a very interesting landscape which is considered a tourist resort in spring and summer and is considered as one of the major attractions in tourism.


3- Laton Waterfall


One of thing to do in Astara Iran is visit Latun Waterfall, a freefalling cascade situated in the eastern Alborz mountain run and in Lavandavil, Astara County, inside Gilan Province of far northwestern Iran. The stature of the cascade is 105 meters (344 ft).It is situated in the among Hashtpar and the city of Astara on the Caspian Sea.

Astara Best Tourist Attraction


4- Shariati Beach Park


Shariati Beach Park is located in Astara, Iran and it is one of attraction place for fun and enjoy . People go there with the family for fun in summer evenings, dear travelers can camp and stay. Located among the northern cities of the country, recreational and entertainment parks are unique in the minds of nature lovers – sporting equipment, flowers, tree planting, furniture, metal furniture, sleeping mats for children and health services from other facilities built on this coast.


5- Heyran Gondola lift


Other best thing to do in Astara Iran is Heyran Gondola lift, in Alborz Mountain extends, inside Gilan Province of northwestern Iran. Heyran Gondola lift is really amazing for tourist and local people. It is situated over the Heyran towns and close to the city of Astara, in Astara County. Construction of Heyran Gondola lift is a critical advance towards the improvement of the travel industry in Gilan Province. The Heyran Gondola lift has 30 standard lodges with six seats and furthermore there are three uncommon VIP lodges. The gondola lift is 1,500 meters (4,900 ft) long through an excellent scene of the Alborz.

Astara Best Tourist Attraction


6- Bibi Yanlou Forest Park


Some portion of the Caspian Hyrcanian blended backwoods; Bibi Yanlou Forest Park traverses a zone of 1,512 hectares and is found 35 kilometers from Astara city. This woodland park has a few characteristic springs. Here are various common attractions around the city most broadly the shrouded in-fog Heyran Pass, Bibi Yanlou Forest Park which is a piece of the a great many years-old Caspian Hyrcanian blended backwoods, the 105-meter Laton Waterfall and Kuteh Kumeh Thermal Spring which its water is said to reduce joint torment.


7- Paradise Cactus


A great attraction spot in Astara is Paradise of cactus, a private place which was in 1356. It was established in Al – Farabi Avenue, including 2,200 cacti from Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and South America. The oldest part of the Middle East cactus is stored in this collection.



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